How do I use the Venexx Perfume Watch?
A soft turn of the bezel downward and the sprayer appears. Now you can spray the perfume by pushing the

How can I refill the Venexx Perfume Watch?
The refilling of the perfume tank will take no longer than two minutes!
With a 5-Cent-coin the tank on the back of the watch case can be opened. Place the funnel or pipette into the
watch case and refill the perfume tank with the perfume of your choice.

How do I clean the perfume tank?
Before filling a different perfume into the Venexx Perfume Watch the tank should be cleaned thoroughly, so
that the fragrances do not mix together. For cleaning the watch it is best to use alcohol, available in every
specialist shop. Fill the perfume tank with alcohol, then spray till the alcohol is out of the tank. Now the tank,
the integrated perfume-pump and the atomizer are clean and you can refill the perfume tank as described

Can I also use my favorite perfume?
Of course, you can use every perfume of your choice with the Venexx Perfume Watch. With the funnel or
pipette every perfume can be easily filled into the tank.

How many different models are available?
The present collection consists of 15 watch strap colors and 4 different face designs. All models are made of
stainless steel and are run by a Swiss quality movement. All watches are unisex and combined with trendy
croco-look bands made of genuine leather and colors ranging from deep, elegant black to funky pink.

Is the Venexx Perfume Watch only for women?
No! For stylish gentlemen, Venexx has exclusively designed a special perfume watch which comes with a
black band and a matt-finished watch case.

Can I reuse the aluminium-box?
The stylish aluminium-box was specially developed for Venexx and is the safest place to store your Perfume
Watch, the funnel, pipette and Venexx perfume all together. If you remove the black interior of the box it can
be used as a fashionable spectacle case for sun glasses.

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