About Piccolina Incorporated
Piccolina Incorporated was created to assist International and National companies with the marketing,
distribution and sale of their products. Piccolina Incorporated works with manufacturers directly, as well as
distributors who are interested in selling products purchased through Piccolina Incorporated.

Our Clients
Piccolina Incorporated  has recently been selected as the marketing and distributing agent in the United
States for the Venexx Perfume Watch.  The Venexx Perfume Watch is a patented design.

Distributors who are interested in selling the Venexx Perfume Watch in the United States and Canada may
contact Piccoina Incorporated.

Personalized Designs
Venexx and Piccolina Incorporated will work together with those customers that wish to have their own
customized watch. The customization is divided into three categories and are as follows:
  Customer logo printed on dial
  Packaging with customer logo
  New dial and strap design

For any of the above customizations you will have to contact Piccolina Incorporated at 1 888 VENEXX1 for
minimum quantities and pricing.

About Us
Piccolina Incorporated
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